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Michigan Winery Trip 10/8/18

It's that time again! The Michigan wine trail trip!
Columbus Day Winery Trip-October 8th

We don't know many of the details yet, but we know it is always a great time! Sign up now to take advantage of early bird pricing!

Wineries will include:

The trip will depart at an estimated 8am with a return around 7:00 pm.

Wine Tastings, lunch, snacks, and coach bus transportation are included. The actual trip cost is will be announced soon and is estimated to be $120 per person. 

After you order your tickets, please email ryan.WhiteRhino@gmail.com with your cell phone number 

As always space is limited to just 50 guests.

To sign up, stop in White Rhino or call 219-864-9200. or visit http://www.whiterhinoonline.com/golf/ecom_v2/ecom.php

Cancellation -- At the time of sign up White Rhino reserves your seat, reducing the number of seats available for the event, and also preventing White Rhino from reselling your seat. As such, all sign ups are final and non refundable.


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