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Feed the First Responders

White Rhino is happy to announce that we are joining in the Feed the First responders program to show support for the people who take care of us.  

You can order meals below and we will deliver them to local hospitals and first responders.  As the program progresses, we will be sure to post updates and let everyone know where the meals are being donated. 

4/16 75 meals to Community Hospital
4/28 50 meals to Communtiy Hospital
4/28 80 meals to Fransican Hospital Dyer
4/30 50 meals to Community Hospital
5/7 50 meals to Communtity Hospital
5/12 40 meals to Fransican Hospital Dyer
5/14 24 meals to Communtiy Hospital Respirtory Therapists
5/14 40 meals to Fransican Hosptial Dyer


Options are below.  Meals will be determined based on the individual needs or requests of the recipients.

The cost is $10 per meal. When you order 5 meals, White Rhino will contribute the the 5th meal and each additional meal over 5 will be $8.  Just add the quanitty to your cart and the price will adjust.

Thank you very much for your continued support and your support of the people on the front lines in our community. 

Call (219) 864-9200 with questions.